Shipping, Delivery & Return Policy

At babafoods, every order is a special ‘make to order’, so that customer truly enjoys the taste & freshness same as right from Kitchen. So, to make this possible we try our best to send your order via fastest & best logistics and in amazing tampered proof dual packing, to keep the taste and freshness intact!

  • Shipping Policy:

Usually, we ship orders within 30 mins.

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of the service before using the prepaid / credit card service:
The customer is responsible for paying to the restaurant, and the restaurant may charge additional fees if the customer added a “special request” or “general order” to His request, and these additional requests will be paid in cash upon delivery of the order. The customer has the right to cancel the order if the delivery time exceeds more than 45 minutes from the delivery time specified by the restaurant, and the amount that the customer has paid to the customer’s account will be refunded. The customer has the right to cancel the order within 1 minutes with a maximum acceptance of the order. The process of recovering the amount for the customer’s account through the prepaid / credit card payment gateway may take two working days. From the notice of refunding the printed amount from the prepaid / credit card payment gateway as a reference for it in the event that the customer wants to review the bank. Customers who use the prepaid / credit card payment service are required to be present on their contact numbers. The customer will be compensated by the restaurant in the event that any part of the order is missing (payment is only valid in exchange for the missing item and compensation is subject to the restaurant’s policy) The customer is fully responsible for executing and submitting the application using the prepaid / credit card payment service after careful reading of all the terms and conditions . Some hotel apartments may charge an additional amount to allow delivery of the order to the user, in which case the user will bear this additional amount.