BabaFoods. PK allows its members who use the service to order from restaurants through its website. BabaFoods. offers you an easy way to communicate your requests to the restaurants that are displayed on the website. The purpose of this site is to provide a simple and convenient service to customers and connect them to restaurants in their area that can provide meals through interactive menus allowing customers to choose orders and favorite dishes in an easy and fast way. We have created the site to be a comprehensive electronic complex for restaurants. BabaFoods. com is a commercial website to deliver restaurant orders through the Internet. BabaFoods. com does not sell or interfere in any way with the production, manufacturing or preparation of any food produced in restaurants, and what this online marketplace offers to users is only to provide the ability to search and find local restaurants on the site and deliver food to their address and order through it.

Restaurants are solely responsible for complying with laws, regulations, and standards applied in the country, such as those related to the preparation, sale, marketing and safety of food. However, it is important for users to understand that BabaFoods. does not in any way independently confirm or endorse restaurants, products, ingredients, or quality of any products or that the restaurant adheres to the laws and regulations in place for food preparation as this responsibility lies with the restaurant alone.


Buyers should review the information provided by restaurants on the website or requested by buyers directly from restaurants in terms of food quality and restaurant reliability, as well as its compliance with applicable laws and regulations. BabaFoods. does not guarantee in any way the quality and quality of any food, or that the food is not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, nor does it ensure that the menu displayed on the site matches what is actually served to users. Moreover, the restaurant may undertake that food preparation is carried out according to special standards such as “organic”, “macrobiotic” standards, or special sensitive standards such as “nuts-free”, “gluten-free” or “lactose-free”. However, BabaFoods. does not independently verify or confirm these undertakings. BabaFoods. will not be obligated or responsible for any food or services provided by restaurants that are unhealthy, cause injury or are unacceptable to buyers, or that do not meet buyers expectations in any way. Buyers are solely responsible for ensuring that the delivery addresses are correct. BabaFoods. will not have any obligation or liability for any wrong addresses. All food preparation and delivery are the responsibility of the restaurant that accepts the order. Knowing that the restaurant will take all possible means that it can do to meet the specified delivery time, however the delivery time may be affected by factors outside its control and therefore cannot be guaranteed. You will informed of any unexpected delay BabaFoods know about. When you choose to order from the list of delivery restaurants available to you, you can submit your order by clicking on the ” Place Order” button. Please note that it is important that you review the information you enter and correct any errors before pressing the “Place Order” button, since when you press this entry, errors cannot be corrected. When we receive your request, BabaFoods. will begin the execution of the request and we will send a message on the final page stating that your request has been received and is being sent to the restaurant. If the restaurant rejects the request, you will be notified and we will not be obligated to provide the services. You have the right to cancel the order within (1) minutes of submitting the application on our website. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the correct prices and descriptions are maintained, we reserve the right to cancel any request that contains incorrect information. The order may then be canceled by the restaurant after receiving the confirmation message by sending it to the restaurant. BabaFoods. and its listed restaurants reserve the right to cancel any order before or after acceptance, and we will promptly notify you of any mentioned cancellation.

During the use of the BabaFoods. services, the member accepts and acknowledges the following: The information in the registration form is correct, provided that this information is required, and that the member is solely responsible for any losses that may arise from any wrong information or insufficient information (for example Forgetting your password) and in those cases its membership is terminated. The member is solely responsible for all ideas, opinions and personal data that he mentions while using the services of BabaFoods. as well as for all files that are uploaded to BabaFoods. com and the personal information sent, and that BabaFoods. com is not responsible in any way for those files , Or about accessing any services provided through BabaFoods , which are not authorized or in any other way other than that specified by BabaFoods. and not changing the software in any way, and compensating BabaFoods. for all material and moral losses in the event that the member does not comply with the material above. BabaFoods. com will not be liable for any damages that may arise from reading the data belonging to any members by any unauthorized personnel. The member must not send any messages that are threatening, immoral, racist, or contrary to local laws and international agreements. And any correspondence, addresses, or pseudonyms must not be in violation of the regulations, public morals, good behavior and laws. It is obligated not to harass and / or threaten other users, or any of the customer service employees of BabaFoods. not to act in a way that affects the use of the services by other users, and not to send, print, distribute or circulate any immoral, inappropriate and inappropriate material Legal or information that may cause harm to the names of any people or institutions, advertising, selling or offering to sell any products or services, or participating in any harmful actions such as scanning, competition or chain messages, and not to send any information or programs that may harm the information Or software on other users ’devices. All records or materials obtained by using the BabaFoods. services are within the user’s consent, and the user will be fully responsible for any damage or loss of information or any other resulting losses to the user’s computer, and the user is not entitled to claim compensation for any losses that arise on the use of the service, he is also obliged not to use the services of BabaFoods. for any commercial or advertising purpose without obtaining the approval of BabaFoods.

BabaFoods. may monitor all systems at any time or continuously. BabaFoods. may use its system for commercial purposes. Not to send any information by e-mail that is legally prohibited or distribute any unauthorized messages to be sent such as chain mail messages, malware, etc. and not to record and misuse any personal information belonging to others. The member himself is responsible for all types of actions that are carried out under the name of “user”. Members must pay the service fee that was previously requested when delivering the products, otherwise the products will not be delivered to customers, not accessing the site or services using a third party account / registration without the explicit consent of the account holder, not using the site for unlawful purposes, and not committing any unlawful behavior on the site or with respect to the content on the site, not using the site to carry out any commercial activities other than the authorized use of the services of BabaFoods

And not copying any content, including without limitation the content of restaurant listings and third party reviews, to republish in print or online, and no willing restaurant reviews or registering any entries in favor of or with any commercial or other purpose or intent that is not in good faith with the purpose of creating the site, and not trying to obtain unauthorized access to other computer systems from or through the site and not interfering with the use of a person Other or other parties to the site, and do not download or transfer viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, and / or not to disrupt, interfere with or even cause harm or violate the site’s security, or any services, software or hardware associated with the system, accounts, words The secret, servers or networks linked to or accessed from the site Route to associated or connected sites (including those belonging to our restaurant partners).


All minors employed in the place in which they reside (generally under 18 years old) must obtain permission from their guardian, and they are directly supervised by their guardian or father / mother when using the site. If you are a minor, your guardian / father must read this Agreement and review it before you use the website. Other than personal information, which is covered in the privacy policy of BabaFoods. any material that you send or post on this website will be considered non-confidential and non-personal. BabaFoods. will not have any obligations regarding these materials. The BabaFoods. and any person we designate will have the freedom to copy, correct, distribute, embed or otherwise use these materials, all data, images, sounds, texts and other things included in it for any and all commercial or non-commercial purposes. You are prohibited from publishing, downloading, or posting to or from the website on any of the following materials: violating any applicable local, national or international law. Illegal or fraudulent amounts to an unauthorized advertisement or contain viruses or any other harmful software. You may not misuse the site (including by hacking) any comments or comments that the user places on the site that must not: contain any defamatory, pornographic or infringing material. Promoting violence or discrimination violates another’s intellectual property rights. Violate any legal obligation towards a third party (such as the duty of confidentiality) that promotes illegal activity or violates the privacy of the other. It provides the impression that it is issued by us or used to impersonate another person or provide false information about your association with another person. The prohibited behavior mentioned in the paragraphs above is not exclusive. It will compensate BabaFoods. for all expenses and damages incurred as a result of your violation of any of these restrictions. BabaFoods. will cooperate fully with any law enforcement or court decisions requesting or directing us to declare the identity or location of any person who publishes any material in violation of the above-mentioned paragraphs. BabaFoods. may temporarily suspend or completely stop the operation of the system at any time. BabaFoods. will not have any responsibilities towards members of BabaFoods. or any third party due to the temporary suspension or the complete cessation of the operation of the system. The user name and password will be displayed and approved after filling in the form data, which will be submitted to customers by BabaFoods. BabaFoods. can prevent its clients who have filled out the form data or communicated with the site, even though they have passwords from obtaining a new password or from using their passwords for an unlimited period of time, if BabaFoods. is deemed necessary. BabaFoods. does not guarantee that its services will be provided in a timely and safe manner, and that the results that will be obtained from the services will be correct and reliable, and that the quality of services will live up to expectations, since the role of BabaFoods. is limited to notifying the restaurant As per customer’s requests. BabaFoods. has the right to support and delete all or some files and messages that are provided by members while using the services for some time, during the periods that are considered appropriate by BabaFoods. BabaFoods. will not be responsible for support and deletion measures. BabaFoods. has ownership and publishing rights arising from the ownership of information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. that it produces on its own and / or is purchased from abroad. BabaFoods is not responsible for any meal requested and it has not been delivered by the restaurant due to its lack of availability. BabaFoods. has the right to publish any information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. (such as messages, notification, reports / news, and files sent to flyers) that are produced by members and uploaded to the system by members and / or sent to another place within the site is considered appropriate by BabaFoods. and it is possible that this information will be copied and / or published by other users.


In such cases, users will not be asked for any fees from BabaFoods. The obligation to change information related to price and product specifications that is offered for sale through BabaFoods. comes back to companies that have joint restaurants with BabaFoods. In the event of any wrong information related to the price and product specifications, BabaFoods. com can correct the error by canceling the order. BabaFoods. may send the member to another website. In this case, the member agrees that BabaFoods. will not be responsible for the context of the site’s content that the member may access. BabaFoods. may make any changes to the implementation of this agreement, amend existing articles, or add new materials for the purpose of complying with any technical obligations and legislation issued in the future. BabaFoods. may change services that do not require membership to a form that requires membership transferring may provide additional services, change some or all of the services, or convert them into a paid service. This site may be unavailable at times to allow maintenance and upgrading.

Although we will strive to inform clients in advance of the lack of any mentioned service, this cannot be guaranteed and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw the service at any time.


Comments sent by users are approved according to the following criteria: Direct relationship: The person making the comment must have experienced the service directly through the restaurant. Acceptable content for the comment: BabaFoods. is not obligated to accept any of the comments that are sent by users, and some of the reasons we can refuse to post comments because of them are as follows: Comments that contain offensive tone, pornographic, abusive, racist, hate language, all Things we cannot post on our website. Comments have nothing to do with the subject matter of the restaurant’s evaluation. Comments that include discrimination based on religion, race, gender, age, marital status, or physical or intellectual disability. Any content that has connotations or references that contravene the traditions of the community, or calls for an illegal approach. Competing interests: Competitors are not permitted to post any negative comments. (Any violations in this regard may lead to the permanent removal of these restaurants from our site). Allegations of violating health laws. Comments reflecting outdated and out of date information.


The authors of the comments do not represent the opinion of BabaFoods , the main owner of the company, nor any of the subsidiaries. BabaFoods. is not responsible for any liabilities, claims or losses arising from any of the published comments or any of the content on the site. BabaFoodsOwnership: The comments posted on the site are the property of BabaFoods., and their ownership is forever exclusive. We have the right to reproduce, amend, translate, transfer and / or distribute all material related to comments. BabaFoods. com is not obligated in any way to pay the commenters or any other person or entity in exchange for their comments. Upon accepting your request, this represents an agreement between you as a customer and the restaurant, and it is the sole responsibility of the restaurant for this request. Cash is paid directly to the restaurant, which fulfills the request. In the event that you choose to pay by credit card or prepayment via the site, then the transaction will be executed through BabaFoods. as a mediator between you and the restaurant, and delivery fees or any other charges for each order will be calculated based on the policy of each restaurant and any delivery charges or other fees It will be clearly displayed in the order summary.